We need more Color Me Beautiful


Color Me Beautiful

I know it’s the American spelling. We’ll have to get over that for awhile while I rant a bit about Spring fashion. I like clothes. I like interesting arty clothes. I like it when colours work for people and they find their hue.

I loved Color Me Beautiful when it first came out decades ago. I was a pre-teen. I wanted to be a red-head and believed my childhood natural highlights were enough. I used this book and figured I was all Autumn. I boldly wore orange and brown. I used henna a lot.

When I stopped dying my hair at my first pregnancy I realized I was no Autumn. I was a Spring and even though I was no girlie girl I could wear bold pink and rock it.

It was an important discovery.

Colour is no joke. It can win you a job and lose you a job. It could win you a mate. It could lost you a mate. It can pick you up or pull you down. You have to wear what looks good on you.

So anyone with olive skin and dark hair AVOID the pastel jeans of the season please. You’ll stain easily and wash yourself out.

And everyone should find this book. Libraries have it. It’s still good. Just ignore the Mary Tyler Moore fashion and hair.

You’re welcome.